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Far above: The Discovery crosses the Miraflores locks. This ship takes tourists through the canal and then keeps on going through the Caribbean sea. That tour last a full week and costs  over $3000.00+ 

Below, from left...A ship inside the Miraflores locks, a view of the Old Quarter, tourists  inside the Miraflores visitorĀ“s center, a hibiscus flower at Mi Pueblito, the view of the ocean from Flamenco island at the Amador Causeway,  the public pier at  Gamboa on the Chagres river, a view of the ruins of the original city of Panama, the Panama of 1519. Next  a photograph inside Summit Park and finally, the so called convent of Santo Domingo, which was rather a monastery since priests ran the place, not nuns).

For those interested in the full natural history of Panama,

The best bet would be the Bio-diversity museum. Located 

at the very entrance of the Amador Causeway, it offers the 

tourist an in depth look of Panama from the time it came 

from under the sea through today.

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