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Tips for our visitors:

If you have someone waiting for you at the airport, wait a little bit at the airport. Some tourist just take a quick look and then, not finding anybody, just  take a taxi and leave. Remember that sometimes planes arrive early, other times the person with the sign might have gone to the restroom or gone back to the car to look for something. Wait a few minutes and 99% of the time your driver will be there.

Always carry a copy of your passport with you, leave the original at the safe in your hotel. Here in Panama,  you might be stoped by the police, if that should happen, just show a copy of your document, that will be enough for them to let you go about your business. It is better to leave the original in a safe place than carrying the document with you and lose it.

When taking a taxi always ask how much for the ride before getting inside the vehicle. Some taxi drivers exploit the passengers if they know they are tourists. If in doubt ask the hotel staff  to help you get a taxi. In Panama taxi cabs do not have taximeters, so always ask how much before using the service.

Finally. we are seeing many tourists using mass transportation to get to where they are going, that is fine, I feel strongly that we all need to save money. Just remember that using the subway or the bus service requiere the use of a card that can be purchased at any subway station. Sometimes the receptionist at the desk could lend you the card, I myself do that. If you use public transportation keep your wallet or handbag very close to you to avoid pick pockets, especially if the bus or subway is crowded. 

Well, I hope you have a happy stay in Panama.

Luciano Granie...Tel. (507) 6905 1324

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