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We offer a variety of services to our tourists;

Transfer to your hotel from the airport.

Transfer from the airport to hotels outside the city.

Transfers between hotels.

Transportation to shopping malls and return trip when finished.

Transportation to the canal.

Transportation to national parks.

Beach trips, tours to historic places, explorations of ecological trails.

Museum visits.

Bridge crossings. (Over the canal).

Transportation to the city of Colon, to David, to Santiago or Pedasi.

Transportation to Rio Hato where large beach resorts are located.

Transportation to marinas and cruise ship ports.

In all cases transportation can be one way or two way trips.

We not only offer trasportation, we offer information, storytelling, facts and fiction about the history of the country, the land and the people.

Some facts about Panama:

Did you know that Panama celebrates two independences...From Colombia in 1903/ From Spain in 1821.

Before the canal was ready, a dry bridge already existed. The railroad was functioning since 1855.

The country's population is rather small, but growing rapidly,  four million people in a 75.000 km surface area.

Our indigenous indians have full control of their land. Their permission is needed to do any work on their land.

Above, right: A view of the chinese memorial, then the bridge of the Americas, last: a view of the french square.

Below: Seagulls at the Flamenco Marina, then a view of the ruins of the old city, finally, a makeshift Old Panama.

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