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Panama Tours and Transportation

Hello all, my name is Luciano and I will be your guide to this enchanting land where the land and water meet, separate and connect.

Beaches, trails, rivers, native tribes, shopping, fishing, nice hotels, restaurants, boating, parks, surfing, history,  all are present in this land of discovery.

Luciano Granie....Tel. (507) 6905 1324
Or this phone number... 6318 1449...

Alternate contact; Sandy Castillo...Tel.6658 3919
(Fala se portugues).

About me:

My name is Luciano, I was born in the city of Colon many years ago, I have traveled to the interesting parts of Panama, places like Pedasi, Coronado or Rio Hato on the Pacific coast. The highlands of Boquete and Cerro Punta at the border of Costa Rica. The coastlines of the Caribbean: Isla Grande, Isla Mamey and Portobelo a sleepy town where spanish treasure accumulated before it was loaded in treasure fleets with Spain at it's final destiny.

I studied tourism at a public institution, INADEH. After a year and a half of schooling I got my certificate as a guide.

I speak english and spanish and have a mini-van with SET license plate that allows me to be both, a guide and driver to tourists visiting Panama.

I can provide information on places like hotels, hostels and restaurants in the city and in many areas of the interior of the country. I work in conjuction with other guides to make your trip safe and enjoyable while you are here.

About five million years ago what is today Panama did not exist, it was submerged.

At the time, two separated land masses existed, a southern continent or what today 

we know as South America and a northern land mass that we know today as North 

America. The Pacific ocean and the Atlantic where connected. Five million years ago 

there was no need of a Panama Canal.

The emergence of Panama and much of what today is known as Central America 

caused changes in the climate of the world, in the life of the oceans and in the 

vegetation, flora and fauna of the american continent.

For those interested in these events, The Bio-diversity Museum at the Amador

Causeway has all the information regarding these past events.

Above, different aspects of Panama:

A plane about to land at the Albrook airport as seen from Ancon hill, the trail at the jungle, Soberania National Park,

a bucket of flowers, a ship crossing the canal at night, Summit park and a view of the ruins of the old city of Panama.

Our city tour lasts four to five hours and includes a visit to the Miraflores visitor´s center, the Old Quarter and Amador Causeway.

Changes can be made to this tour so that you can replace one site for another, for example a visit to 

 Ancon Hill instead of the Causeway is one of a number of possibilities.  MI Pueblito which is a life size mini-replica of what Panama was years ago can also be part of the tour if a change in the route is decided.

We can also connect you with the agency that can take you accross the Panama Canal, with the company that offers  helicopter rides above the city or we can take you to the train station to take the ride to Colon and once there  you could be picked up and taken to another destination, like Portobelo, the site of the canal expansion or maybe Fuerte San Lorenzo at the mouth of the Chagres river.


Monkey Island Tour...

Explore the Gatun lake and visit the monkey island.

Take some fruit with you and see the monkeys come into 

the boat to eat the morsels you bring.

Admire the beauty of the canal and see the big sea going 

ships as they cross the lake.

Visiting Portobelo...

First we will stop at the Gatun Locks near the city of Colon.

There you will see first hand the new entrance to the canal.

Later we wil head to the old town of Portobelo where the 

spanish gold and silver where stored waiting for the ships 

that would deliver them to the Spain of the XVII century.

City Tour...

The tour of the city includes a visit to the Old Quarter, with it´s old structures

from the 1800´s and 1920´s. The old city is protected as it is considered to be part

of mankind´s heritage.

When in 1671 the original Panama of 1519 was destroyed by  fire, the survivors

moved their city to this new location, better defended, better protected and more

comfortable. This city has lasted until today due to a combined effort of the government 

and free enterprise which work together to keep the historic city alive and well inspite of the passing years.

Above: Arriving to the Embera Indian Village, Touring the canal at Gatun Lake and an old timer at old Panama as seen at the Miraflores visitor's center museum. 

Luciano Granie

Tel (507) 6905 1324

Tel (507) 6318 1449

[email protected]

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